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byuvznab, November 27, 2016
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
This saved me hours (if not days) of work.
It works perfectly on my SRX100H.

Few comments to consider as improvements:
1. One minor bug exist in SNMPGET(oid) where Version needs to check if it's a string and fix it: result = netsnmp.snmpget(oid, Version = 2 if options.version == "2c" else int(options.version), DestHost=options.host, Community=options.community, Timeout=800000, Retries=0)[0]
2. Help text should state SPU instead of CPU as a valid input for the -W switch
3. It should be noted that it is assumed that the Nagios service user has access to /bin/ping and /tmp/juniper_lastdata.txt (mine wasn't and it took me 2 hours to find out why nothing works). Chown those two files if you share the same situation as I do.
4. NETWORKS switch won't work if /tmp/juniper_lastdata.txt doesn't exist. Quick fix: touch /tmp/juniper_lastdata.txt
5. I started writing an extension to check the disk utilization, but it's taking me longer than expected. I'll post my addition if I get around to finishing it.

Again, AWESOME work! Thanks for this plugin.
Owner's reply

Hey uvznap,

thanks for your review. I have updated the File in my Project. Please let me know when you have finished your disk utilization plugin, im interested in that ;)