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bytrevrobwhite, February 19, 2014
In reply to the last comment the reason why the script errors on newer versions of SSU is simply that HP changed one of the lines that the program looks for when it comments because of the branding change, it's changed from:
SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
SSSU for HP P6000 Command View

I can't post an update because the code isn't mine, so simply download and open in a text editor, line 234 change from:

if output.pop(0).strip() != 'SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA': error = 1


if output.pop(0).strip().find('SSSU for HP') !=0: error=1

Then it should work ok.
bytrevrobwhite, October 31, 2013
Good plugin, we had problems with it working on ILO4 for two reasons, one the ILO can take a while to return the results, fix this by specifying -t 120 (but make sure your timeout for nagios is long enough in the nagios.cfg).

The second issue is that the ILO4 often returns N/A in its temperatures, you can fix this as, by not trying to set the perdata if the value contains N/A follows:
Line 439:
if ( defined($cautiontemp) && defined($criticaltemp) && ($cautiontemp !~ m"^n/a$"i)) {
if ($criticaltemp =~ m"^n/a$"i) {
warning => $cautiontemp,

} else {
warning => $cautiontemp,
critical => $criticaltemp,