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bytarvin, September 10, 2014
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Thanks for the check_idrac plugin. A review on 2014-09-10:

On the plugin's page, it's unclear which one to download, "check_iDRAC.tar.gz" or "idrac_2.0b.tar.gz"? Is check_iDRAC.tar.gz version 1? (It turns out: Yes, check_iDRAC.tar.gz is version 1.x.)

At the time of writing this, the files are weird, in that they are double-gzipped(?).

I think it's a shame that generation 2 demands a configuration file. I suggest that the general case be made simple (and not require a configuration file): Check all hardware's status using SMNP version 2c with "public" as community shouldn't require anything but a "-H ".

I couldn't get version 2.0b to work. After having created the configuration file, I'm trying:
$ python idrac/idrac_2.0/idrac_2.0b.py -c check_idrac.conf -H foobar
Unknown flag passed to -C: u

I don't understand that, as I didn't put in a "-C" argument.

I'm giving a rating of Average, as generation 1 is fine, but generation 2 is bad at the time of writing.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. I will check the "-C" error and consider authen snmp as option.