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bystevegoossens, May 28, 2014
The script fails for me, like others, with no response. This is due to the hard-coding of exim's location, which is incorrect on cPanel servers and probably other servers too:

I commented out the EXIM= line:

# default hard-coded # EXIM=/usr/local/exim/bin/exim

and replaced it with one that checks the location of exim:

EXIM=$(which exim)

and now the script works
bystevegoossens, March 19, 2014
Have spent most of the day trying to get various bandwidth monitors working for a linux machine, and this is excellent.

Just one small bug. The following line is executed without debug mode being requested:

print "$ifdescr = $key / $snmpkey \n"; #debug

For me, this results in the first line of the status text to be:

eth0 = / 2

and the following actual lines aren't displayed in the host service list (Service Status Details For Host), only when drilling down to the specific service (Service State Information).

I've just commented out the line above, and the script no longer outputs the interface name and OID.
Owner's reply


Thanks for pointing this out. The bug has been fixed, thanks to Gerhard M. who also reported this bug.