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byrickmccl, September 10, 2014
I set it up as NRPE check on a windows server in my NagiosXI setup. I was able to modify the script so that performance graph of license usage is created.

0. requires nsclient++ with NRPE enabled and running on windows box
1. install activeperl on windows box
2. put check_licenseserver.pl in the nsclient "scripts" folder
3. add script to nsclient.ini
[/settings/external scripts/scripts]
check_licenseserver=c:\perl64\bin\perl.exe scripts\check_licenseserver.pl
4. test running check_licenseserver with 'nrpe test' on windows host, check_nrpe on linux host
5. use wizard to add NRPE check for 'check_licenseserver'
6. edit check_licenseserver.pl on the lines where it prints the output, insert:
| license=$license_used
before the \n (newline) in the print statement to add the performance data to the output.
7. performance data is noticed and processed by nagios and graph is generated.