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byplanet4, February 2, 2020
This is exactly what I have been looking for. However I do not really understand where to put the credentials. If I run the script manually I am asked about the credentials but I will use it with Check MK and will need to put the settings in the script itself.
Owner's reply

To do this would require some rip and replace of the parameter section in the beginning of the code. Not a big task- the various variables can be hardset, but that's not generally a good practice and harder to maintain.

byplanet4, April 24, 2017
Hi! Thanks for sharing. I can make this run as root but when using this with check_mk and running as another user I get this error. Any ideas?

Bareword "Types::Serialiser::Error::" refers to nonexistent package at /omd/sites/white/lib/perl5/lib/perl5/Types/Serialiser.pm line 126.