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byluduing, March 14, 2014
This is an excellent script. I had to made few changes for making it to work with Oracle 12c PDBs.

First, my sqlplus binary is 64 bits, so I edited the script changing it for 'sqlplus64'.

In Oracle 12c you can use a "Container" and put many datbases in there, as PDB. But in this case, they don't use the variable SID, instead, you must use SERVICE_NAME.

So, I changed this:
==> sub logon {
==> open (SQL,"sqlplus -s aloha/teste@\\(DESCRIPTION=\\(ADDRESS=\\(PROTOCOL=TCP\\)\\(Host=$host\\)\\(Port=$port\\)\\)\\(CONNECT_DATA=\\(SID=$sid\\)\\)\\) sub logon {
==> open (SQL,"sqlplus64 -s aloha/teste@\\(DESCRIPTION=\\(ADDRESS=\\(PROTOCOL=TCP\\)\\(Host=$host\\)\\(Port=$port\\)\\)\\(CONNECT_DATA=\\(SERVICE_NAME=$sid\\)\\)\\)racle 12c