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byjetole, December 5, 2011
MSSQL Job Monitoring
If you're getting the error

: bad variable nameH

This is because it's a Windows formatted file. Not sure how a Windows formatted bash script came to exist anywhere but there is one in this release. The difference is that Linux and Unix (which includes Mac OSX) use \n for newlines in their text files while Windows uses \r\n for new lines in their text files.

To convert the file to unix format you can use the command fromdos or on some systems, the older command dos2unix.

...or you could try out my much simpler Python check I wrote to do the same thing as this script and more without requiring compiled Java binaries in order to work. It's a simple, single, Python script with no other files combined with it that you can get from either:




Doesn't require Java. Doesn't have Windows line endings, provides more options and gives more detailed reports.