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byidroj, October 23, 2012
I configured and monitored 3Com Switches (2829 and 2849) and Sonicwall NSA2400 successfully.

While I'm configuring all this stuff I found some troubles that I solved by myself:

1.- 3Com Switches (2849) labels contains ", " (comma and space) and this caused broken links to pnp4nagios graphs cause XML an RRD files generated translated this sequence to "._".
To solve this I added (line 1855) the following line to "GenerateInterfaceTableData" function inside check_interface_table_v3t.pl file:

$servicename =~ s/, /\._/g;

2.- Blank characters in Nagios Hostnames are visualized as "Q20" in "Node Selector" drop down menu. I solved this adding the following line to "nodename" function inside /usr/local/interfacetable_v3t/share/tables/index.php file:

$filename = preg_replace("/(Q20)/", " ", $filename);

Hope this help somebody.

Thanx for this awesome plugin!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback.
I will implement your change in the next release of the plugin.
Best regards,