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bygm_rajkumar, April 3, 2013

I have used this plugin got the below error message,
print() on closed filehandle LOCKFILE at ./check_netapp-d line 140
sh: /data/scripts/nagios/NAS/.netapp-oidcache. No such file or directory
CRITICAL: Could not cache list of shares: error 1

found that there is a folder should be created in this path to generate a cron job script for specific settings. So i created manually to resolve this. After that, its working fine...
I can able to see the results of disk used details
./check-netapp-ng.pl -H -C public -T DISKUSED --vol /vol/vol_testlab/
OK: DISKUSED 1% | /vol/vol_testlab/= 23365520k

However i couldn't get the results for below query, correct me if im wrong.
./check-netapp-ng.pl -H -C public -T DISKUSED --vol /vol/vol_testlab/qtree_testlab

I couldn't get the subfolder disk information from this plugin. let me know how to get those details..Thanks in Advance!!
bygm_rajkumar, August 24, 2012
Im having HP msa2312fc, wanted to see disk info ( like HDD usage and HDD free space and so on) is this plugin compatible?
Owner's reply

it checks hardware level status including RAID and hotspares. It should work for that. Space wise, there are other plugins that cover that, for Windows the SNMP ones work well

I wanted to monitor the VM Esxi server, let me know what agents needs to be configured in ESX.

Please revert for any clarification.