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byeloyd, December 14, 2016
I deployed this to see what it does after looking at the code. Nice job. I'll up it to excellent after I put it through some work, but for now, it seems to work well on a base Nagios XI 5.3.3 install.
byeloyd, January 6, 2015
McAfee Web Gateway Dashboard
I can't actually test this, but it looks great for a special niche. I imagine this could go hand-in-hand with a Nagios Network Analyzer info graphic as well.

The only thing I would change is the histograms. Assuming they are top source/destinations, I'd do a donut graph (or pie chart) instead and let the user hover for more details. It's easier on the eyes for fast visualization.

And yes, Sean, I'm serious. :-)
byeloyd, January 6, 2015
Cisco ASA VPN Monitoring
The world needs more GeoIP maps. :-) I can't test this because we don't use ASAs or VPNs (beyond the one that ties our sites together), but the screenshot looks good. Anything that helps people figure out why things are happening is a good thing(tm).