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bybrynjellis, October 19, 2013
I really like this plugin. It works well once you get the performance data bit added.

However, I'm hitting a problem which isn't necessarily an issue with the plugin but I'm putting it out there because I can't find a resolution at the moment.

I can be monitoring away happily for my application running in Jboss AS4 and checks are working fine and I'm getting performance data graphs etc. Then I restart my application and my service checks stop working, reporting that the checks that were working perfectly well previously now can't find any registered MBeans. The error is something along the lines of InstanceNotFound and Mbean not registered.
The weird thing is, if I fire up jconsole and go to the MBeans tab, all the mbeans are there and soon after my check_jmx service checks start working! But they won't work until I fire up jconsole and access the MBeans tab.