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aNag Featured

10 votes
Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
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This is another unofficial Nagios client for android devices. The goal of this application is provide to sysadmin a embedded overview of all their Nagios monitored infrastructure.

aNag handles:
- multiple Nagios instances
- no server side modification required (stock CGI)
- self signed / invalid certificate exception on per instance basis
- Background auto refresh
- Service filtering (acknowledge, scheduled downtimes, disabled notifications and SOFT state)
- Notification (top bar, vibrate, sound)
- Fine grained notification criteria
- Quiet hours
- Recheck services, host or all services on a host
- Set/unset per service and per host ack
- Disable/Enable per service, per host, for all services on a host notifications
- Send custom notifications for service and host
Reviews (5)
bywhutest, September 12, 2013
I use Nagios 3.5.1 and aNag. I have issue with dislaying warning/critical services in aNag. aNag doesn't show services for each host ("No service" displayed under Host) and Problems field always empty. Could someone help me?
bynishith, August 24, 2013
Configured Nagios on Linux machine & found "anag" very useful for my android phone.

Must Install
bygentgeen, December 7, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
We have been using Nagios for over 6months in my env. I had tried a few apps, but aNag was def. the best on my android (Evo Shift 4g). Actually created an account here just so I could give this review - I like it that much. The default out of the box behaves like your on the Nagios website - and the fine-grain settings make it a god-send. I can make the phone app changes without the need to change Nagios Server settings.
byaswen, February 1, 2012
We use aNag for a while now. it works out of the box, is stable and easy to use, though when one wants more difficult customisation there's a wealth of options to get a finegrained display of only the services and messages that you want.
bygdr, February 1, 2012
The best Android client for Nagios/Icinga out there. Friendly developer, too. And, best of all - it's free!