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byaswen, October 11, 2013
I like this plugin very much. I took it and added some tests and an extra option (-i , so that you can use this on a multi-bond server). You can find my version at: https://github.com/aswen/nagios-plugins/blob/master/check_bond.
byaswen, August 28, 2012
file size still 0bytes
byaswen, February 1, 2012
We use aNag for a while now. it works out of the box, is stable and easy to use, though when one wants more difficult customisation there's a wealth of options to get a finegrained display of only the services and messages that you want.
byaswen, January 24, 2012
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
I'd like to download this plugin, but there are no files listed and there's no download link as well.
Owner's reply

Clicking on "Website
labs.consol.de/nagios/check_mysql_health" a few lines above is very complicated, isn't it?