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byViperdriver2000, April 10, 2014
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plugin works fine.
for me missing the option for warning and critical :(
Owner's reply

Since the plugin is little more than a glorified repquota wrapper (ie. it works only on Linux as of now), it uses the repquota internals and returns the errorcode fitting the condition, that is returned by repquota.

To quote from the script:
$quota_status = "OK" if ($quota_status eq "--");
$quota_status = "WARNING" if ($quota_status eq "-+");
$quota_status = "WARNING" if ($quota_status eq "+-");
$quota_status = "CRITICAL" if ($quota_status eq "++");

byViperdriver2000, July 29, 2013
I would like to use the full scope of functions with our HP switches.
maybe I do not understand all the parameters but when I do the following is the output something little.

. / check_snmp_netint.pl-H xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-C public-n

especially because there is no VLANXXXX.

the second is we use pnp4nagios. can we use the performance data for this?

thank you for your help!
Owner's reply

please debug this further using '-v' to see what interfaces are reported.

and VLANS have always been an issue actually, most vendors are not reporting this right in SNMP actually