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byMajed1, September 21, 2011
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if you ever get the problem (service check did not exit properly) the open the plugin and edit the line
use lib "/usr/local/nagios/libexec" ;
use lib "/usr/lib/nagios/plugins" ;
or wherever the plugins are located. and i confused the output in the previous post between check_ftp and check_ftp_rw
the output is as follows:
./check_ftp_rw.pl --host --user profiland --password Profiland1 --dir /install --file checkftp.txt
Connected to, logged in as profiland, chdir'ed to /install, downloaded checkftp.txt
byMajed1, August 22, 2011
i install ksh in gentoo and now it produces output from command line:
nagios@srvmonm /usr/lib/nagios/plugins $ ./check_cpu_stats2.3.6.sh
CPU STATISTICS CRITICAL : user=176% system=7.1%, iowait=0%, idle=2%, nice=21%, steal=0% | CpuUser=176%;70;90;0; CpuSystem=7.1%;40;60;0; CpuIowait=0%;30;40;0; CpuIdle=2%;0;0;0; CpuNice=21%;0;0;0; CpuSteal=0%;0;0;0;
it also works in nagios. Moreover, now it checks other linux systems through nrpe and draws graphs in nagios.
i can't imagine anything else to tune up :)