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byEsquilax, September 20, 2022
Thank you!
I use it to check if our main WAN ist active or our backup line.

Had to install traceroute first on CentOS - a bit strange for an admin mainly using Windows :-)
We're using the plugin with REST a while to monitor our ESX-Hosts (RX2540 M4).
Works very well. It does what it should reliably.

Today I updated iRMC of the first server to version 3.05p.
After that the plugin couldn't longer communicate with iRMC. It ran into a timeout.
After some time I realised that the version 3.6x which is here offered isn't the newest version.
Currently there is 3.70.
After updating the plugin it started working again.
The download ist kind of hard to find - here you can get the current version: https://support.ts.fujitsu.com/IndexDownload.asp?lng=&SoftwareGUID=ffa3f833-3f05-4fe7-bcac-64f30bf7c0a8
byEsquilax, May 26, 2015
After some problems with errors because of the missing MIBs the plugin works fine. Thank you.
Only 4 "stars" rating because of the problems with the MIBs. I don't know if i solved it without the hint from csdragon. Thank you!
Maybe you could add a check for the needed MIBs with a clear error message, if they are missing.

If somebody has got the same problem:
I'm using Debian. First you need to add a "non-free" repository to your "sources.list".
After that you can install die "mibs-downloader" with "apt-get install snmp-mib-downloader". While installing it automatically downloads all official IETF Mibs.
Owner's reply

Thx. Esquilax! Glad to hear my plugin works for you :-)
Much better I could have used numerical OIDs in the code completelly eliminating the need for any MIBs...

byEsquilax, May 26, 2015
Works fine with our Quantum Scalar i500.
Thank you!