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Check Compaq-HP UPS Mode

Current Version
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Check Compaq-HP UPS Mode
Checks working mode (online, bypass, offline, ...) on CPQUPS-MIB SNMP compatible Hewlett-Packard (HP) UPS devices.
This plugin checks the working mode on a CPQUPS MIB compliant HP UPS device.
Instead of just reporting MIB working modes, it reports modes based on working mode and battery status. Supported modes are:

Online: Power supply present on UPS input, load is battery protected.
Bypass: Power supply present on UPS input, but load is NOT battery protected.
Offline: Power supply is NOT present on UPS input, load is battery protected, battery charge is not low.
Offline battery low: Same as previous but battery is low.
Offline battery depleted: Power supply is NOT present on UPS i nput, battery is depleted so load is NOT protected.

Instead of using factory set battery low level threshold, user can select it using argument -l. Plugin return value is set comparing the current working mode with a comma separated working mode list set for triggering warning and critical states.

Plugin returns battery load percent and battery backup time (in minutes) as performance data.
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