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by4l3x4ndr3, September 12, 2014
From what I found, the script takes the standard IO latency vmhba (vmhba0):

  /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_esx3-0.5.pl D xxxx xxxx H -u nagiosvc p xxxx -l io
CHECK_ESX3-0.5.PL OK - aborted commands io = 0, io bus resets = 0, io = 4 ms read latency, write latency = 0 ms, = 0 ms latency kernel, device = 0 ms latency, queue latency ms = 0 | io_aborted = 0 ;; io_busresets = 0 ;; io_read = 4ms;; io_write = 0ms;; io_kernel = 0ms;; io_device = 0ms;; io_queue = 0ms;;

I have other vmhba, and what matters most is not the 0. You can customize the script to collect another? How can I do?