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Alternative HTTP checker for Nagios written in Perl, replacement for check_http.

Advantages over the original plugin from nagios-plugins:

- show full URLs and any relevant error message, and text strings checked for

- log request and response, error output etc. to retrievable web page and
send the url along with the alert, avoiding the need to simulate and
recreate errors
Usage: check_http_alt [-I <IP/host>] [-H <virtualhost>] -u <url (path)>
[-c <critical time>] [-w <warning time>] [-r <regexp search>]
[-s <status code>] [-m (multi line)] [-t <timeout>] [-p <port numer>]
[-k <send http header>] [-a <user:password>]
[-S (ssl)] [-x (check peer SSL certificate)] [-A <alternative user agent>]