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Category: Time

Nagios plugins for monitoring system time.

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check_acpi lit les informations de la batterie et renvoie le pourcentage de remplissage de la batterie. ---- check_acpi read the battery information and return the percentage of energy left in the battery.



This plugin checks that time on remote host is no more than specified number of seconds different than on nagios server. The time is checked using TCP or UDP using either daytime (port 13) or time (port 37) protocols.


check_localtime - can do hearbeat alert

This is a special plugin that will check localtime on the system its running on and for specified time will generate an alert. This is useful for setting up regular hearbeat alerts.


This plugin checks the status of ntp on a server. For remote hosts, this should be run over ssh with check_by_ssh plugin. It uses ntpq to look for valid candidates (+) or a locked server (*) and will alert if the status is anything other than locked.


This Perl plugin checks the clock offset with a ntp server.



check_w32tm is a Windows plugin for Nagios, which checks the Windows system time against an NTP time source.