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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_snmp_cisco_memutil.plCheck Cisco Device Memory
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Updated version of Opsview's check_snmp_cisco_memutil.pl
Shows Total, Used & Free Memory on many Cisco devices.
# Added -f Perfdata output. Results used in Splunk for Nagios.
# Changed Alert levels to warnings on SNMP related issues.

check_snmp_cisco_memutil v2.1.1

Memory utilization on Cisco devices

Usage: check_snmp_cisco_memutil -H -c [...]
Options: -H Hostname or IP address
-C Community (default is public)
-w Warning threshold (as %)
-c Critical threshold (as %)
-f Show Perfdata

Reviews (3)
This plugin is found working properly. See below command.
./check_snmp_cisco_memutil.pl -H -C nishith007 -w 75% -c 95% -f
Status is OK - MEMORY: total: 1348.71 MB, used: 257.94 MB (19%), free: 1090.77 MB | MemTotal=1348.71, MemUsed=257.94, MemFree=1090.77
Here, "nishith007" is the community name & "192.1681.11" is the ciscp switch ip address.

Works with SNMP v1 & v2 both.
bylizaoreo, July 24, 2015
Did what I needed it to with a slight modification for PNP4Nagios support. For whatever reason PNP4Nagios wouldn't graph the data for me straight up, so I modified line 156 to the below instead and it now graphs. The only issue is it doesn't seem to be setting the max right because PNP4Nagios has the top just a little above the actual (IE, instead of showing 300MB as the top, it shows 40MB with 37MB used). Not a big concern right now, probably something I've done wrong, but I'm quite happen with it now.

$temp = sprintf 'MEMORY: total: %.2f MB, used: %.2f MB (%.0f%%), free: %.2f MB | MemUsed=%2$d;%5$d;%6$d;0;%1$d', ( $memtotal / 1000000 ), ( $mem5minused / 1000000 ), $mempcused, ( $mem5minfree / 1000000 ), $warning, $critical;
byKats, August 26, 2014
Plugin itself is good, shows nice data output - for example Status is OK - MEMORY: total: 344.24 MB, used: 46.31 MB (13%), free: 297.93 MB
Only thing that is not good, is that it does not draw graphs.