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Check Internet Quota Usage (BSNL)

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_bsnlusageFormats the output from bsnl.sh to nagios format
bsnl.shRetrives your current usage

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Shows how much of your internet quota usage is used, and calculated based on current day of month.

Uses curl and is written for BSNL's web site. You'll need to modify bsnl.sh for you're ISP.

These scripts should work on any version of nagios, but only tested on nagios 3.x.
These scripts could be merged together, if anyone wanted to spend the time. However, having them as two scripts makes it easier to replace the bsnl.sh script with something which works for your provider.

The bsnl.sh script will download your usage information from BSNL, an ISP in India, and will output the number to a fixed file for check_bsnl to read. It will calculate your usage in %, depending on the day of the month. Schedule it with cron or call it from the perl script.

I use a cron job as I used to have it email me the numbers on a daily basis. Then I got clever and implemented Nagios, which will email me only when required.

Example, if your monthly cap is 50GB and you've used 30GB on day 15. Its status will be critical as you're on target to use 60GB by the end of the month.

If usage on the 15th day is 10GB, status will be "OK", as you're usage looks like it will be 20GB of your 50GB quota by the end of the month.

Sample output on day 30:
check_bsnl: OK (Usage is 30.0 GB of 50.0 GB, (60.0%))

Modify the variables at the top of the scripts to match your environment and quota.