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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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This plugin checks whether there are inactive users on a system. The plugin requires CPAN module User-Utmp-1.8.
Inactive users often occur when system admins are working on some issue and forget to log out. This bad, in particular on consoles, where you can often also break the connection without removing any elevated privileges. The plugin warns of inactivity users after 1 hour by default and it becomes critical after two hours. These can be re-configured via command line options. Below is the output of check_inactive --help

Nagios Plugin to check if there is a user inactive for longer than seconds

Usage: check_inactive --help
check_incative --version
check-inactive [--utmpx] [--debug] [--warning ] [--critical ]

--help print help message
--version print version
--debug print debug information
--print print users and their inactivity times in seconds
--utmpx use utmpx
--warning set warning inactivity timeout to
--critical set critical error inactivity timeout to

Critical error time out should be greater than the warning time out

The Nagios check_inactive plugin has been developed by 2024Sight (www.2024sight.com)