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This script use videoanalitycs methods to check quality of streaming of an Axis security ip camera in tow ways. Checking percentage of white (eg. IR malfunction) or the number of colors in the palette (eg. too dark image).
In a large scale environment of ipcameras, administrators have to check "quos" of the streaming without look at the streaming or wait the guard personnel alert.

This script helped me a lot with Axis ipcamera because sometimes all the parameter like ip, http or ftp are good, not in "video loss" but the stream is completely black or the IR is on during the daylight or something else that compromise the quality of recorded images.

So this script analyse a jpg realtime snapshot looking for 2 parameters:
1) Check the number of different colors in the jpg palette
2) Convert the jpg in B/W and count the number of white pixels with -b (brightness) option

This script is made for Axis Security Cameras but you can modify for your convenience with or other brand that provide direct access to a JPG snapshot.
Check thi site for the URL: https://www.ispyconnect.com/sources.aspx

The script require ImageMagick 6 or sup: https://www.imagemagick.org/