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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
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This plugin allow you to monitor data from weather stations partaking in the openweathermap project ( http://openweathermap.org/ ).

Until / if we get a general purpose API key by owm.org, you might need to register for a (free) API key on their website and supply it as a plugin parameter.
For more info see: http://openweathermap.org/faq#error401
root@yourhost:/yournagioscontribdir# ./check_openweathermap.pl

usage: ./check_openweathermap.pl [api-key]

locationstring is usually 'townname,countrytld' (ie. Wuerzburg,de or London,uk),
but can be id= as well.

wantedinfo is either 'all' or one of the following:
sys-country,sys-sunrise,sys-sunset (in epoch time)
weather-main (ie. 'Clouds'), weather-description (ie. 'Broken clouds'), clouds-all (ie. '68' percent)
main-temp,main-humidity,main-pressure,main-temp_min,main-temp_max,wind-speed,wind-gust,wind-deg (just the stated)
name (name of location), coord-lat (latitude of location), coord-lon (longitude of location), id (id of weatherstation)

perfdata is being created with all available data, all the time.

if you are getting an error, you probably need a (supposedly free) API key.
see here for more info: http://openweathermap.org/faq#error401

define command{
command_name check_openweathermap
command_line $USER1$/contrib/check_openweathermap.pl $ARG1$ $ARG2$ $ARG3$ $ARG4$ $ARG5$ $ARG6$ $ARG7$

define service{
name owm-service
use local-service
normal_check_interval 10
retry_check_interval 5
register 0

define service{
use owm-service ; or owm-service-pnp, if you have pnp4nagios integrated and use that templatename
host_name yourhost
service_description Weather myplace
check_command check_openweathermap!London,uk!name,temp-current,humidity-current,wind-current,clouds,pressure-current

For the pnp4nagios related files (check_command entry as well as the graph-template), check the archive you got this script in.

check_openweathermap v0.0.3 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported License.
There is no warranty of any kind, explicit or implied, for anything this software does or does not do.

(c) 2013-2017 by Frederic Krueger / igetspam@bigfoot.com
Reviews (1)
Works like a charm!

Since 09.10.2015 you need an API-Key.
Adjust the URL in Line 32 and 33 with "&APPID=".

You need to obtain a key by registering at openweathermap.org

Maybe Plugin Author can register and obtain a Key for FOSS?
Owner's reply

Finally got around to fixing the plugin. Also, the "all" feature now actually works, and some sanitization around http errors was included. A general purpose API key has been requested, and maybe we get lucky. Until then, use an account of your own on their site. Cheers! :)