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Plugin to check all mounted disks (with some file system types excluded) without having to specify individual partitions.
This plugin allows you to check all the disks that are mounted on your monitored system. Diskspace and inode utilization is checked and problems are reported in a usual fashion. Check help for detailed explanation of all the options.

You need to have . table available (includeAllDisks directive in net-snmp config). Tested on Debian, RedHat/CentOS and FreeBSD (with bsnmpd and bsnmp-ucd from ports). Should work on other systems, although you might need to modify a regex to exclude more filesystem types.

Plugin is written in Perl and requires Net::SNMP.

BSD Licenced.
Reviews (1)
bylosgrandes, September 27, 2012
Good job mate but timeout doesn't work.
1. Parameter is 'T' but show as 't' in help.
2. Parses 'T' parameter but not using it in SNMP session!