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  • Nagios 3.x

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This script monitors the load of a Cisco catalyst via SNMP.
It requests some data of a catalyst via SNMP to analyze them and notifies you via Nagios if the load is getting to high.

This script should be called with -s [SWITCHIP], -C [COMMUNITYSTRING], -w [WARNLEVEL] and -c [CRITLEVEL]. For more information just run it with -h.

Tested with different IOS versions and SNMP protocol version 2c. If you want to use a different SNMP protocol version, just modify the Net::SNMP->session(...) call.

To learn how to enable SNMP in your catalyst’s IOS and more informations at
Reviews (3)
bywhutest, August 25, 2013
Thank you for this script! It works fine. It would be greate to add perfomance data output.
byitzmiko, August 30, 2012
worked perfectly on our catalyst 6509's

Works perfectly in my environment; flexible thresholds.

Working on 4507R-E, 3750X stacks, 1721 and 2960G.

Got to set up the rest of my environment!