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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_sftp_bin.tarcontains the binaries
check_sftp_source.tarcontains the source file
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This plug-in for Nagios allows you to check sftp connections.
The package check_sftp_bin.tar contains the binaries (jar files), the
package check_sftp_source.tar contains the source code.

To function properly it needs java (7 or higher). It also needs the Java library jsch ( included it in the packages (with its license

How it works:

This plug-in creates a text file, with random name, in the temp folder of the Nagios server (you can choose which folder), then it opens the sftp connection with the remote server that you want to check, transfers the text file from the Nagios server to the sftp server and finally it deletes the text file from the sftp server and from the local server.

If everything goes well the plug-in will return a message ok, otherwise it will return a message critical. In any case, it returns the performance data.

You can find instructions on how to install the plug-in (and how to configure Nagios) in the README.txt (included in the packages).

EDIT ON 05/19/2012:
Now you can change the sftp directory before put the tmp_file. You can also set warning and critical values for the transfer time

For any questions or concerns please contact me:

Alan Pipitone.
Reviews (2)
This plug-in creates a file and sends it to an SFTP server. Apparently, it's sending it to the root directory. For us, this gives us a "Permission denied" error. If we could specify the directory that the file will be sent to, we might be able to get past the error message. I was unable to contact the developer due to an error on his contact page.
bymv200i, November 9, 2010
I'am using this plug to check access to our FTP service!