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Category: RADIUS

Nagios plugins for monitoring RADIUS.

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Category Listings:
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check radius

radius autentication plugin for nagios.

check radius adv

This plugin is based on the check_radius (radauth.c by Matt Miller). Basicly it will check authentication against radius server.

Plugin written in Perl using radclient and Status-Server packet from FreeRADIUS project. Performance data about elapsed time executing the query.


This plugin is based on the check_radius_adv (by Gerd.Mueller). Now attributes can be introduced by command line

Check radius using radpwtst utility (used by Radiator) Requires the radpwtst utility be located in /usr/local/nagios/libexec/radius/ This also typically requires the Radius Perl Modules be located there as well.


Perl check radius

This simplified plugin is written in Perl and uses the Authen::Radius module.

Perl check radius with performance data like check_radi...

Fork of "Perl check radius" plugin that also outputs performance data in the format of check_radius_adv. Please see the original plugin for system requirements and instructions.