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Category: RAID Controllers

Nagios plugins for monitoring various RAID controllers.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Category Listings:
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Windows nrpe: Check FakeRaid Intel Matrix (raidcfg32)

Windows NRPE, Intel Matrix FakeRAID status check script: check_intel_fakeraid.vbs


Windows nrpe: Check FakeRaid LSI MYlex

Windows NRPE, LSI MYlex FAKERAID (lsi) status check script: check_lsimylex_fakeraid.vbs


Windows nrpe: Check HP "FakeRaid" (adaptec)

Windows NRPE, HP FAKERAID (Adaptec) status check script: check_hp_fakeraid.vbs


Windows nrpe: Check Raid adaptec AAC

Windows NRPE, Adaptec AAC RAID status check script: check_adaptec_acc.vbs


Windows nrpe: Check Raid ibm cfggen

Windows NRPE, ibm cfggen RAID status check script: check_raid_ibm_cfggen.vbs

Windows nrpe: Check Raid LSI-fusion-mpt

Windows NRPE, LSI-fusion-mpt RAID status check script: check_raid_lsi-fusion-mpt.vbs



Tools and daemon to monitor Apple Xserve RAID (1.2-2)

Yet another 3ware 9690 RAID controller

The existing 3ware scripts I've seen do not check the BBU or any of the Disk parameters like how many ReAllocated sectors or the temperature of the disk. Should work on any Nagios versions that can call the script and accept the output. These are L ...

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