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Cisco Unified Computing System

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Plugin for monitoring Cisco UCS through SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.

You don't need install any MIB for this plugin.
It's using Net::SNMP PERL module.

!!! Warnning !!!
When you send SNMP request to virtual IP of UCS Manager you'll get reply from IP active Fabric Interconnect! Many SNMP implementation don't accept this behavior by default!!!
check_ucs version 2.1.0.
by Petr Havlicek (petr.havlicek@vsb.cz) 2012-2014

Nagios plugin for monitoring Cisco UCS over SNMP.


-H Target hostname
-T Selected test
-N Monitoring object name
-C SNMPv2 community string
-u SNMPv3 SecurityName
-a SNMPv3 authProtocol (Default: MD5)
-A SNMPv3 authPassword
-x SNMPv3 privProtocol (Default: DES)
-X SNMPv3 privKey

Test types:
ct - Chassis Temperature
ci - Chassis IOCard Status
f - Fans Status
po - PSUs Operate Status
fs - Faults Summary (Dont need -N)

Fabric Interconnects support only these test: f, po
Object name examples: switch, switch-A, chassis-1, chassis-10

Check command example:
check_command check_ucs!public!ct!chassis-1
check_command check_ucs!public!fs

# History:

# Version 2.1.0 - 4th April 2014
# - Add support for SNMP version 3
# - Some cosmetic improvements

# Version 2.0.3 - 16th May 2013
# - Add support for greater OID
# - Uknown status with 0 object detected

# Version 2.0.2 23rd January 2013
# - Minor bug fixes

# Version 2.0.1 - 22nd January 2013
# - Added some user input checks
# - Object name comapring case insensitive

# Version 2.0 - 4th January 2013
# - Complete re-design of internal functionality
# - Now first step is getting sub-tree
# - Second step is getting descriptions for all OID in sub-tree
# - Third is filter sub tree by specific description
# - Last step is getting results state for specific OIDs

# Version 1.3 - 16th November 2012
# - Add support for checking faults

# Version 1.2 - 21st August 2012
# - Based on OID prefix for specific device => No manual OID specification
# - Using manual prefix definitation
# - Remove PSU Temperature test
# - Bugfixes

# Version: 1.1.1 - 7th August 2012
# - Monitoring fan modules insteed individuals fans

# Version: 1.1 - 18th June 2012
# - Add support for prinitg description of monitored objects
# - Minor bugfixes
Reviews (4)
If you get a no OID found this occurs if you have no alerts/warnings or information at all to report, the error kind of threw me for a loop to. I just commented that No OID found as long as I verified I was connecting correctly already.

I also made a modification to the faults check to report warnings correctly to Nagios. Here is the modified section I did.

if($type eq "fs") {
if($results[$i] > 4) {
$exit_state = NAGIOS_CRITICAL;
$output .= " " . $descriptions[$i] . "
if($results[$i] == 4) {
if ($exit_state ne NAGIOS_CRITICAL) {
$exit_state = NAGIOS_WARNING;
$output .= " " . $descriptions[$i] . "
[nagios@nagios libexec]$ ./check_ucs.bin -H -C public -T ci -N chassis-2
No OID match! Check your -H and -N or -T

We have six chassis, only fail in 2 and 5,6. The state of all chassis is ok and we haven't any alarm.
bynickchang, January 29, 2013
./check_ucs -H -C public -T ct -N chassis-1
No OID match! Check your -H and -N or -T
Owner's reply

It's look interesting. Are you sure that IP and comunity are right?
Have you enable SNMP in Fabric Interconnect managment?


bysalvador.garcia, January 21, 2013
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
The plugin is excellent, but i have detected a bug. When I check a different IP of the UCS, I must receive an error but I receive "0 objects OK".