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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI
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Collect status and performance data from one or more Brultech Energy Consumption Monitor (ECM) devices.
This plugin queries a MySQL database for entries made by the data logger. It will report status for any number of ECM devices. By default, the plugin returns the last update of each ECM, and performance data (power and/or pulse counts) from each channel on each ECM. If the last update of any ECM was more than a warning or critical threshold in the past, then the state will be warning or critical, respectively.

The Brultech ECM-1240 is a power monitoring system that can monitor up to 7 circuits per ECM:

Plugin usage:

check_ecm [--db-user username][--db-passwd password][--db-database dbname]

Output from default invocation:

OK - last update of 116406 was 8.00 seconds ago at 16:24:37 09 Dec 2011|116406_lastupdate=0.133333333333333;30;120 116406_aux1_w=39 116406_aux4_w=1 116406_aux3_w=52 116406_ch2_w=87 116406_aux2_w=3 116406_ch1_w=1372 116406_aux5_w=388

Output with 2 ECMs specified (of 8 installed):

OK - last update of 116401 was 1 minutes ago at 16:23:59 09 Dec 2011; last update of 116402 was 25.00 seconds ago at 16:24:46 09 Dec 2011|116401_lastupdate=1.2;30;120 116401_aux1_w=0 116401_aux4_w=0 116401_aux3_w=0 116401_ch2_w=0 116401_aux2_w=0 116401_ch1_w=0 116401_aux5_w=0 116402_lastupdate=0.416666666666667;30;120 116402_aux1_w=2 116402_aux4_w=0 116402_aux3_w=3 116402_ch2_w=0 116402_aux2_w=47 116402_ch1_w=223 116402_aux5_w=2