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Please check out a new plug I created today (using SNMP) for monitoring specific port switch an alert in case it is going down or up.

down -> up considered as warning (exit code 1)
up-> down considered as critical (exit code 2)
no change made -> considered as OK (exit code 0)
Please check out a new plug I created today (using SNMP) for achieving the following purpose:

Monitoring when specific port on some switch is going down or up.

The plug is only checking for changes in port state (up -> down and down -> up) and generates an appropriate alert.

1. Up-> Down considered as Critical
2. Down->UP considered as Warning.
3. In case there is no change in the state alerts will not arrive/recovery state will be considered as OK.

Tested on the following switches:

Juniper EX4550

However it should work on any other switches..

Please let me know your thoughts