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Compatible With
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x

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This plugin monitors optical power levels (DOM) on SFP(+) transceivers on juniper MX (and likely EX) hardware via SNMP.
The plugin receives the warning and critical power limits (from the SFP firmware) and compares the current readings with these and will then either issue a WARNING or CRITICAL if limits are exceeded.
Interfaces that are admin-down are ignored (laser turned off). Regular interfaces that are down are monitored and will cause a CRITICAL state, so please disable these if they are not used (also saves the transceivers life due to the laser beeing shutdown).
Only ge- and xe- interfaces are monitored, however this can be changed
by modifing the xe-|ge- filter in the script.

This plugin is based on check_cisco_sfp.
Currently does not support the temp/supply/bias options, only power is working.


./ --hostname your_router_ip --community SECRETCOMM --type power

Example output:
OK - xe-4/0/0 NORMAL RX: -10.92 dbm TX: 2.04 dbm
xe-4/1/0 NORMAL RX: -5.41 dbm TX: -1.26 dbm
xe-4/2/0 NORMAL RX: -10.85 dbm TX: 3.91 dbm
xe-4/3/0 NORMAL RX: 0 dbm TX: 0 dbm
xe-2/0/0 NORMAL RX: -40 dbm TX: 0 dbm
xe-2/0/1 NORMAL RX: -4.7 dbm TX: -0.78 dbm
xe-2/0/2 NORMAL RX: -3.08 dbm TX: -0.26 dbm
xe-2/0/3 NORMAL RX: -5.39 dbm TX: -1.84 dbm
xe-2/1/0 NORMAL RX: -8.93 dbm TX: 1.78 dbm

Example config:

define command {
command_name check_sfp_juniper
command_line /usr/bin/perl /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ --hostname $HOSTADDRESS$ --community $ARG1$ --type power

define service{
hostgroups routers
use generic-service
check_command check_sfp_juniper!"SECRETCOMM"
service_description Optical Power
check_interval 5
retry_interval 1
contact_groups admins