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Powershell script that will allow you to monitor size of one Exchange mailbox.
Mailbox can be passed as parameter or "hardcoded" inside script.
It should cover situations with mailbox send/recieve quota set to 'unlimited', if you have send/recieve quota set to some numeric value on mailbox, or if mailbox uses database send/recieve quota settings.
I am using it for monitoring of journal mailbox size.
It is showing performance data, also.
Written in few hours (beware I am not software developer :) ) so feel free to use it and improve.
Reviews (1)
I am monitoring the mailboxes and it is working excellent! however, my app continuously polls the mailboxes and retrieves the email/attachments. therefore, most readings are going to be zero, unless the app is down or broken, then mails would build up in mailbox. I need to look at the delete folder of the mailbox so I can monitor an increase in emails, example, in a days time, mails will be processed, mailbox empty, delete folder increases. so if it doesn't increase we know there is a problem at the clients side.
thank you