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Category: RRD

Nagios plugins for monitoring RRD files/databases.

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Category Listings:
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check_rrd is a perl script to query data in rrd databases. It uses rrd::poller and nagios::plugins.

Generic Perl plugin to check age and values of an rrd database. It uses RRDs and Nagios::Plugin (but not rrd_poller ;-)


A plugin to check MRTG traffic stored in RRD files. Similar to the check_mrtgtraf plugin distributed with the Nagios plugins, but for use when the LogFormat: rrdtool option is set in MRTG.


Because of my work I had to write a little PHP script to integrate with Nagios. It works checking local RRD databases (Nagios and Cacti on same computer for example) for incoming or outgoing transfer rates.


Description: This plugin will read the current value from an rrd file for disk parameters.

RRD Databases

Various plugins for checking values in RRD databases.