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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI 2009R1
  • Nagios Fusion 2010R1
check_junglediskcheck_jungledisk v1.0
check_junglediskcheck_jungledisk v1.1
check_junglediskcheck_jungledisk v1.2
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"Jungle Disk is an online backup tool that stores its data in Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files." - Wikipedia.

Check Jungledisk plugin for nagios.
Tested with Nagios Core 3.x using the embedded perl interpreter, but it should work on all versions. BYO XML::Simple.

usage: check_jungledisk -H hostname -f atom_feed_url [-s stale_hours]

Checks the health of your most recent Jungle Disk backup for the hostname specified by parsing
the atom feed. You can specify either just a hostname or the FQDN that appears in JD.

The URL should be something like:
NOTE: Be sure to use quotes around the URL otherwise the last '&' character will probably instruct
your shell to run this process in the background.

By default, this plugin will warn if the most recent backup is more than 720 hours (30 days) old.
Change this default using the -s option.

In this example, jungledisk warns if backups are more than 24 hours old:
check_jungledisk -H myhost -f feed-URL -s 24

initial version: 1 Dec 2010 by Arya Abdian
Thanks to Intunity Pty Ltd ( for permitting release.

2011-02-01 v1.1 Looks like JungleDisk made a small change to their atom feed overnight. Previous version will no longer work, please upgrade to this release.
2011-02-03 v1.2 More unannounced changes by JungleDisk.
1) feed->entry->id now matches
2) feed->updated now matches format YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS.0000000Z
this is not natively supported by GNU date, so bullet has been bitten
and all date/time processing is being handled within perl, thus
improving portability.
3) feed->entry->link->"URL" is now feed->entry->link->href->"URL"
4) feed->updated is reporting a timestamp in the future. Bug raised [and fixed within 24 hours! Go JungleDisk!]
Reviews (1)
byjbowen, February 3, 2011
Works great, thanks. I made the mistake of complaining to JD after they modified their Atom feeds this week (before I saw v1.1 of check_jungledisk was released) they changed it again (necessitating v1.2) to accommodate my complaint. Sorry for the extra confusion, and thank you for staying on top of it!