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Category: Data Protector

Nagios plugins to monitor HP Data Protector.

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Check Mount Request

This script is for UNIX. The script checks if your Data Protector is on Mount Request.



This script is for windows powershell. Looks at all the pools in data protector, finds any with "*free*" in the name (feel free to change this to suit your naming scheme), and checks those pools to see how many free media are available and tape quality ...



*** Check Media Count on HP DataProtector Media Pool *** I use it to check count of Tapes remaining in freepool.



This bash script could check hp data protector pool sizes! We use it for our archivelog pool in oracle.


This script is for windows powershell. Checks for data protector mount requests.



Powershell script to check if HP Dataprotector routines have failed to run. Tested on windows Server 2012, but should work on Windows Server 2008 an on. HP Dataprotector Version tested: 7.0