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Category: Bacula

Nagios plugins to monitor Bacula.

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Category Listings:
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Bacula PostgreSQL Nagios monitor

Nagios monitor for Bacula with Postgresql database written in Python. Depends on PSYCOPG2 Python module for database connection.



check_bacula checks the status of Bacula-Daemons (director, storage- and file-daemon)


Check whether a given bacula client can successfully be restored.

The script queries Bacula database for number of successful or still running backups of a given job. It's also possible to query number of errors of the job's instances and check errors of BeforeJob and AfterJob scripts.


This check script/plugin checks all backup jobs in a given timeframe (default: 2 days) and report an error or warning if one of the jobs failed, according to the bacula statuses. Unlike other bacula check scripts it can check all jobs at once, eliminat ...


check_bacula checks the Job status of bacula client

Checks the age of the last successfull backup of a given client and (optional) of a given level.


Nagios plugin that checks Bacula logs for last status run.



This checks that days elapsed since last successful run of a given job / level doesn't exceed defined value.