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A small perl script that checks to see if a TCP port is open on a remote host and produces timing statistics for nagios.


Check basic authentication

This plugin is used to authenticate against a web page using basic authentication and to check that the web site is allowing user logins. It can also check for a string once authenticated to verify the page is as expected and produce timing information fo ...


Check form

Check form allows the user to submit forms using post and test the output for a string. This can be useful to test authentication boxes or any other forms that use the POST method. Check form can also test the response time of the form and produce timing ...


check form mechanize

Check form mechanize allows you to fill in and submit a submit a form and then check the result for an expected string. This script uses mechanize to emulate a browser.


Check ntlm authentication

Authenticates against a web page using ntlm auth. This is useful when Microsoft IIS is providing a pop up login box which requires ntlm authentication.


html form

html_form.pl - Authenticate a web page by filling in a form using browser emulation allowing javascript and cookies to be processed. This script fills in the username and password boxes within a form and then searches the output for an expected string. ...