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A perl script that checks the CPU (or M/B) temperature with lm-sensors. Default is to check the CPU temperature but this can be changed to check any temperature returned by sensors with an argument. The plugin complies with the guidelines, for example ...


Check /etc/init.d/$script_name status

This is a nagios plug-in to check the output or exit status or an application (designed for /etc/init.d scripts, but could work with any script). If you just call it with a -s /path/script it will run the script with a 'status' argument and check the out ...


Check nic link

This plugin will check that ethX is up and that there is a link detected. I designed it mainly for bonded nic sets, it can be hard to tell if 1 of the nics is unplugged because the interface will be up and the bondX will also work. This monitors the nics. ...