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  • Nagios 3.x
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Use this script for conditional sending of pager (SMS) notifications for hosts/services. The script checks if the custom variable _no_pager is set to 1 for the current host/service/contact, and doesn't do anything if it is. If the variable isn't set, the script generates a notification message (through a customisable template) and sends it to the configured SMS provider.

perldoc nagios-notify-by-pager.pl for complete details.

v1.2 adds support for conveniently handling multiple SMS providers.
nagios-notify-by-pager.pl processes contact and host/service information from the environment set by Nagios and sends an SMS using the given SMS provider.

While the program currently supports one SMS provider -- http://smslane.com/ -- it is trivial to add more providers as long as they have a web interface for sending SMSes.

nagios-notify-by-pager.pl checks if the custom variable _no_pager is set for the current host, service or contact and exits without doing anything if it is. This provides the user with any easy way to disable pager notifications for specific hosts, services and/or contacts: set _no_pager to 1 in the host/service/contact definition.