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  • Nagios XI
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UCME-IT™ is a notification server software that enables developers to easily send SMS, Push, Mail & Voice messages using simple JSON or XML APIs. UCME-IT™ runs on the customer’s server. UCME-IT™ runs on MS Windows™ operating system.
UCME-IT™ is an on-premise software. It is installed locally, on a company’s own computers and servers.

Integration documentation:
UCME-IT™ main features:

1. Alerts can be sent via: SMS, Push, Mail & Voice over telephony

2. JSON/XML APIs - UCME-IT APIs you can be used to send SMS, Push, Email and Voice messages from any remote server using SOAP/XML/JSON technology. Just fill the recipient’s name, phone number etc. UCME-IT will send the message for you.

3. Escalations - UCME-IT™’s sophisticated escalation procedure is a customizable alarm delivery feature that sends alarms to alternative recipients. When a recipient acknowledges the alarm, further unnecessary repeat alarm notifications are prevented – reducing nuisance alarms and reducing costs.

4. Fallback SMS channels - If UCME-IT™ fails to send a text message (SMS) via one channel (for example: a faulty GSM cellular modem), it will automatically switch to a fallback channel (for example: a CDMA cellular modem). This functionality reduces the chances that a text message will not be sent and as a result, increases the system reliability.

5. Alarm Reminders - UCME-IT™ can escalate an alarm to several recipients. It can send the alarm to the 1st recipient, if an acknowledgement is not received within NN minutes, then the alarm will be sent to the next recipient.

6. Native text messaging using cellular modems - Unlike other software packages that require continuous Internet connection to send email-to-cellular messages, UCME-IT™ uses native text messaging via cellular modems, which means your systems are completely protected from Internet security threats.

7. Alarm acknowledgement using SMS - Using UCME-IT™, you may acknowledge alarms using your cell phone. Upon acknowledgment, alarm escalation may be stopped.

8. Runs as a Windows service - The service operates before a user has logged in and continues to operate after the user has logged off. If the service fails, recovery actions can be set up, such as restarting the service automatically or restarting the computer (for computers running Windows® Server 2008/2012/2016, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 only).