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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
Netflow Analysis Software - Nagios Network Analyzer - Download
Yet another unofficial Nagios and Nagios XI client for andriod, which:
- supports multiple Nagios / Nagios XI accounts that are switchable at runtime;
- allows connections over https (self signed ssl certificates);
- secures account credential storing;
- lists hosts / services hierarchically in a rich and easy-to-use ui;
- provides access to various actions on selected components, such as commenting, acknowledging, dealing with notifications, downtime schedules, obsession, passive checks;
- filters based on component status and/or detail data text (regexp support);
- notifies with sound/vibration on each update when error is detected on a component registered for uNagi alerts;
- applies filters and settings on a per account basis (multiple accounts: multiple display settings / filters);
- supports pnp with zoomable chart component (beta);
- supports NagiosGrapher with zoomable chart component (beta);
- loads the notifications issued for the desired account, with archive access and contact name filtering, and provides access to functions of the hosts/services denoted by the notifications (via context menu items);
- provides widgets: 3 sizes, opaque and not that opaque;
- needs no additional plugins or extensions on either side for it to run;
- Locale / Tasker condition and settings plug-ins are released!!! (details on the Plug-ins page:
- allows shell control: start, silent-start, stop (details on the Steps and Changes page);
- handles special hours (day/time intervals) and custom alerting scheme for these.
- setting for data connection type to use
- application- and account-level preference backup, share and restore
- introduces manual / on demand update handling: by enabling it from settings, uNagi will run without background service, and the data is refreshed on demand.
- has no ads;
- as a beta feature allows instant error reporting; enable this feature, if you experience a malfunction that is hard to describe / reproduce. No sensitive data of any kind is gathered by these reports, pure filtered stack trace is collected, submitted with date, version number, and an optional reporter! Once a unique error is reported, I will handle it and post a feedback on the report site:
This is a pretty young application, so far tested on 3.2.0 and 3.3.1;
Though it fits my needs, it would be nice to know others find it useful too.
Hopefully some of you guys can point out bugs that I have missed, provide some ideas to make this app more useable.
Please write me a note about your ideas, thoughts, things that should be better, things that you miss in the application, so I can work on them to improve it.

Thank you in advance for helping me with your opinion!

For a bit more detailed description you can visit the dev-site of the application (, where you can
- browse among the changes:
- read the comments got so far:
- view a few more screenshots:
- take a look at the Locale / Tasker plug-ins (beta releases):