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Category: XI Administration Playlist

Video tutorials on various administrative tasks in Nagios XI.

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Nagios XI – XI Administration Tutorial – Active Dir...


Watch this tutorial where Aaron and Jesse cover Active Directory and LDAP Integration in Nagios XI.

Nagios XI – XI Administration Tutorial – Audit Log


Any compliance concerns? Learn how to use the audit log in this very quick tutorial where Aaron shows us the ropes of this nifty feature in Nagios XI.

Nagios XI – XI Administration Tutorial – Non-Admini...


You a non-administrative user and want to use the power of Nagios XI? Aaron shows you how in this brief tutorial video!

Nagios XI – XI Administration – Administrative User...


Aaron takes you through the administration page in Nagios XI including going through users, both administrative and standard.

Nagios XI – XI Administration – Backup and Restore


Backup is critical. Learn how to do it in Nagios XI as well as how to restore from a backup after a critical failure in this very short tutorial video.

Nagios XI – XI Administration – Moving Your XI Inst...


Need to move a Nagios XI instance from one piece of physical hardware to another? This easy tutorial will show you how to do it in minutes.