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I changed a few oids to make it work with juniper FW ssg550 version 6.2
my $oper_table = '';
my $in_octet_table = '';
my $out_octet_table = '';

also had to change the status to be 0 for Down
my %status=('UP'=>1,'DOWN'=>0,'TESTING'=>3,'UNKNOWN'=>4,'DORMANT'=>5,'NotPresent'=>6,'lowerLayerDown'=>7);
my %status_print=(1=>'UP',0=>'DOWN',3=>'TESTING',4=>'UNKNOWN',5=>'DORMANT',6=>'NotPresent',7=>'lowerLayerDown');

And finally the check command is for exmaple (i use another OID for the description table thats why the -n switch ):
./check_netint.pl -H xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -C public -2 -N -n ethernet0/2.20 -k -B -M -Y -w10,10 -c 20,20

Great work willix! thanks!
Owner's reply

I'll add new --juniper option with above OIDs and settings. Thank you.