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byybaumy, June 20, 2016
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I have this section in my /etc/multipath.conf

device {
vendor "AIX"
product "VDASD"
path_grouping_policy "multibus"
path_checker "directio"
features "0"
hardware_handler "0"
prio "const"
failback "immediate"
rr_weight "uniform"
no_path_retry 60

your script fails at
dbssapbwh:/etc # /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check-multipath.pl -m 1 -o 2 -n critical -L -s
ERROR: Line 1 not recognised. Expected path info, new LUN or nested policy:
'Jun 20 13:50:10 | multipath.conf +568, invalid keyword: device' |Host: dbssapbwh|

without that it works.
Owner's reply

The error is NOT caused by the plugin. The error is in your file /etc/multipath.conf and it is reported by the multipath command. Try calling multipath -l directly, you should see the error message 'multipath.conf +568, invalid keyword: device' with the configuration listed above.