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byxrated, January 4, 2014
The script itself works, there was only an exception on FreeBSD where no which cmd is available in bash. I completely rewrote the script to add warning/critical with free space in G. Nagios Exit Parameters were not defined, added also some additional checks for arguments. When warn/crit was not specified it will just look if the pool is ONLINE.

Owner's reply

Hello, the "which" command does exist in FreeBSD, too. However you're right about the fixed thresholds, I should remove them.

byxrated, December 28, 2013
This will just use the general overall-health attribute in Smart but a disk with broken sectors is still reported as PASSED, so this is not a reliable method of early detecting as with Smart Attributes 5,196,197,198
byxrated, December 22, 2013
As disks with defective sectors are still reported as a healthy disk by Smart, i added checking the Smart IDs 5,196,197,198. An critical error will be reported if any > 0. I have not much clue about python but the patch is working:
byxrated, November 1, 2012
had problems with your script, so i modified it. Especially the register part was not working for me under 1.6.2 ($ character after {uri}).

Not sure why the user was cut off at 12 chars, removed that, because didnt work.

I included also checking delay because the trunk should not go under 100ms if you want to have a reliable jitter free phone connection.