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byunderhill, April 9, 2018
I am testing this against a FreeNAS system, and find that in FreeNAS versions >= 9.10.x the repl_status success string has changed to 'Up to date'

Also, the API URL seems to be hard coded to http ... so I modified mine for https. It would be good to be able to have this handled dynamically to avoid sending the root credentials in cleartext.

diff check_truenas.py.sav check_truenas.py
self._ep = 'https://%s/api/v1.0' % hostname
if repl['repl_status'] != 'Up to date' \
byunderhill, April 9, 2018
In at least 9.10.x and greater versions of FreeNAS, the replication status reports "Up to date" instead of "Succeeded"

Also, this version does not have HTTPS/SSL support. This means you would have to pass the root username/password in cleartext. I would recommend checking out the check_truenas.py plugin instead: https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Hardware/Storage-Systems/SAN-and-NAS/Check-TrueNAS-Health-2FReplication/details as it at least supports transport layer encryption.

It would also be good to know how to run this without using the root user, but that's not really specific to this plugin.